Monday, April 26, 2010

Fade by Lisa McMann - Book Review #16

Monday, April 26, 2010
by Lisa McMann

For Janie and Cabel, real life is getting tougher than the dreams. They're just trying to carve out a little (secret) time together, but no such luck.

Disturbing things are happening at Fieldridge High, yet nobody's talking. When Janie taps into a classmate's violent nightmares, the case finally breaks open -- but nothing goes as planned. Not even close. Janie's in way over her head, and Cabe's shocking behavior has grave consequences for them both.

Worse yet, Janie learns the truth about herself and her ability -- and it's bleak. Seriously, brutally bleak. Not only is her fate as a dream catcher sealed, but what's to come is way darker than she'd feared...

I read Fade just after I finished with Wake, so this time I didn’t need any time to adjust to the unusual third-person present tense narration and Lisa McMann’s writing style. Actually, I was really looking forward to that. Unfortunately, her style changed a bit. Yes, the novel still was fast placed and it still had those beautiful, down to the point fragmented sentences, but unique writing style started to fade (isn’t it ironic) and slip away from Lisa McMann. Father I was into the book, her style was more and more like… everybody else’s.

Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the book. I started to like Cabel almost as much as I like Janie, for how he loved and cared about her. I loved how their relationship was growing and developing.

Plot was quite simple, but it had a suspense element which was driving it forward. Some actions, especially police captain’s seemed a bit unrealistic for me, but what do I know about police work, anyway.

The truth that Janie learns about herself and her ability was really terrifying and, for the luck of better word, bleak. I especially hate when story or situations in the books becoming desolate, with no light of hope, without any optimism. However, I still have third book in this series to read and I could only hope that thing will pick up for Janie.

P.S. The cover is absolutely gorgeous, probably one of my favorite.


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