Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Club Dead by Charlaine Harris - Book Review #44

Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Club Dead
by Charlaine Harris

There's only one vampire Sookie Stackhouse is involved with (at least voluntarily) and that's Bill. But recently he's been kind of distant - like in another state distant. Bill's sinister and sexy boss Eric has an idea where to find him, which is why Sookie ends up in Jackson, Mississippi, mingling with the under-underworld at Club Dead. It's a dangerous little haunt where the elitist vamps can go chill and chow on some prime flesh. But when Sookie finally finds Bill - caught in an act of serious betrayal - she's not sure whether to save him, or sharpen some stakes.
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The Sookie Stackhouse series are definitely not a great literature by any means. However, it doesn’t make it any less enjoying. Charlaine Harris is getting better from book to book. In her third Sookie Stackhouse novel – Club Dead, it feels like she finally getting a grasp of her characters and story telling. It still has flaws, but those flaws didn’t stop me from breathing through the novel and enjoy it.

I was really happy that Bill was out of the picture through almost the whole book. Though, it is funny that just a thought about him still annoyed me. Erik wasn’t quite as dangerous as he was in first two books and he’s shown his softer side, which I was hoping he didn’t have. However, I still liked him the most. Sookie is still her old self, self educated from trashy romance and mystery novels, spends too much time thinking about her body part and her hideous clothes, completely immoral in her actions, but so highly moral in her thoughts. And I love her for that, she humors me enormously.

I’m not going to encourage anyone to read or not to read these series. It might not be for everyone. Charlaine Harris won’t teach you anything, her books will not open your eyes on some life shaping or altering issue. Her books also will not give you an original or deep philosophical perspective on anything. This is not the point of her books. The point is – pure entertainment.


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