Thursday, March 4, 2010

White is for Magic by Laurie Faria Stolarz - Book Review #6

Thursday, March 4, 2010

White is for Magic
by Laurie Faria Stolarz

It's been a year since Stacey rescued her best friend Drea from being murdered. Now, Stacey is experiencing another series of nightmares that foretell of murder, and this time Stacey is the one in danger! To make matters worse, Drea is flirting with Stacey's boyfriend; creepy transfer students are obsessed with last year's murder; and Stacey is receiving threatening notes that prove her premonitions are true.

With help from her mother and her grandmother's spells, Stacey gains the strength and wisdom to face her fears and past demons. But will it be enough to find the killer in time to save her life?

The second book in the Blue is for Nightmare series – White is for Magic was much better then the first one. We are witnessing some character development – Stacy and her friends now seem more alive and not as two-dimensional as in the first book.

I really liked the new addition to the characters crew – Jacob. He was a breath of a fresh air and intrigue around him was very juicy and interesting. As for the old characters – I continued to hate Drea and kept wondering how Stacy can put up with such an obnoxious and self-centered girl. Even after Stacy finding out that Drea was hitting on her boyfriend, she still continued to call Drea her friend.

Mystery part was definitely written and presented much better in the White is for Magic. It even made me wonder what going to happen with characters at the end. However story still seems to rush and I wish author would spend more time describing motives and feeling, character’s relationships and their thoughts. Also, I think that it would’ve add some atmosphere to the book, if Stacy’s involvement with the Wicca would’ve been described more thoroughly – more spells, more ingredients, more rituals.

So when I finished first book, I didn’t have any hopes for the second one. However now, when I’m done with second, I’m looking forward to read the third one and suddenly I’m glad I bought all four books from the series.


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