Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Geek High by Piper Banks - Book Review #52

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Geek High
by Piper Banks

At this school, everyone's a geek. And Miranda Bloom still can't fit in...

Miranda is a math genius with divorced parents, an evil stepmother, and no boyfriend in sight. She can't even fit in with the other geeks at the Nottingham Independent School for high-IQ students, because they actually have useful talents. Miranda, on the other hand, is known as "The Human Calculator," which doesn't amount to much when people have, you know, their own calculators.

Then Miranda gets stuck planning the school's Snowflake Gala. And as she struggles to find a date and drum up some school spirit at Nottingham-aka "Geek High"-she finds that who you are means more than where you fit in.
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I know too many reasons why I shouldn’t have liked this book, but despite all of them I did. It was completely predictable, full of clich├ęs and unrealistic. It didn’t have any real problems. The main character is supposed to be a genius, but in most of the cases was acting like a stupid person (ok, ok, I know that person can be intelligent, but at the same time not wise, however Miranda’s inferences were truly stupid sometimes and not unwise).

However, I guess I’ve read it at precise moment when I really needed something like this book – a brain candy, check your brains out at the door. And despite what I’ve already said here, this book is really not that bad, it has some really good qualities – it is sweet and honest, it is cute and sometimes funny. It was quite solidly written with a simple but a thought through plot. And it made me feel like I felt in my childhood after reading a fairytale – a highly implausible story that makes you smile and believe in all the good in the world.

Geek High is a YA version of Chick Flick. I’m not sure if I would recommend it to adults – there are a lot of Chick Flick books for adults to choose from. However, I would definitely recommend it to teenage girls as a relaxing, fun summer read. I, myself, will be definitely reading a second installment in Geek High series – Geek Abroad.


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